Property Valuation

Optimized Property Valuation & Marketing Solutions

Whether you are a Commercial Buyer, a Commercial Seller or even a Broker, our mobile-friendly platform will provide you with reliable and real-time information that will help you achieve your business goals. We always make sure that the information in our database is accurate and verifiable to ensure that our clients get the best quality of data for their business. 

When it comes to listing your property, our optimized distribution network system allows every listing to have maximum exposure it requires. Once your listing is verified, we can distribute it to our partner CRE brokers and firms in the country. 

With decades of Commercial Real Estate experience and extensive marketing knowledge, we understand that listing alone isn’t going to guarantee a quick sale. This is why we also provide a comprehensive marketing plan to ensure that your property is being seen by the right buyers.

Submitting a listing can also be a daunting task to some commercial sellers because some CRE brokers or firms require tedious processes. With us, you can submit your listing in a DASH!


Click the button below and fill out our listing form with your personal information and the property that you want to enlist.  We can schedule an appointment or a meeting so we can talk about your listing goals extensively.


Once we receive your listing request, our team will conduct a quick verification about the information you provided. This process usually takes about 2-3 business days since we receive tons of listing requests daily.


We’ll send you a confirmation email once your listing has been verified. We’ll then add your information to our database and feature your listing in our platform. If you wish to acquire our marketing assistance, one of our experts will contact you soon.


Check out our listings to see if there’s a property that fits your investment goals. If you have any inquiries about our listings or services, please fill out the form below so we can contact you as soon as possible.